Pouch Thong with Thin Latex Pouch

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This comfortable male thong has a close fitting (but not a tight) pouch made in 0.25 thickness, which will give you a feeling of freedom while still coating your jewels in latex. The waistband is made in 0.8 thickness which helps give you the sense of the thong being sturdy enough that it won't fall down or look flimsy and cheap.

The pouch and thong back is finished with a 0.5cm width applique to keep the pouch snug to your groin to prevent any accidental escaping during play or general wear under regular clothing.

It's available in limited colours due to limited stocking of 0.25 and 0.8 thickness latex, but other colours can be requested for a small surcharge, just contact us via email -


Product can take up to three weeks to arrive for UK customers and slightly longer for international orders, due to the postal services. For more urgent orders please contact us to see what we can do to help. For more information please see the Terms & Conditions


Photography: Love Thirteen Photography

Model: Ciaran James

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