Studio Days

We put together a team of professional make-up artists and supply the models with clothing from our hire samples to allow photographers and models to shoot together at various studios or locations. Prices vary depending on studio and location but studio hire and MUAs will always be included in the price unless stated differently. 

Rotas are made in advance to allow one on one (self directed) times between the model and photographer at different sets within the studio. Set times are usually around 40 minutes with models shooting at least five sets and photographers shooting six. Models are supplied with different outfits for each set they shoot and photographers shoot different models for each set.

Photographers are required to send three fully edited images per model set they shoot (in full resolution) to the model within four weeks of the shoot. Watermarks are welcomed around the edge of the image.

You are invited to read Studio Days Terms & Conditions for more information

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EXAMPLE Model Place - Saturday 23rd May at Murder Mile Studio, London
EXAMPLE ONLY There are 9 model spaces available for this studio day The day includes prof..
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EXAMPLE Photographer Place - Sunday 12th July at Bodyline Studio, Long Eaton
EXAMPLE ONLY There are 8 photographer spaces available for this studio day The price incl..
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